Learning Effects through Textbook Learning

African Elephant

• Savannahs and forests of Africa

• Vulnerable

Black Rhiniceros

• Grasslands and forests of Africa

• Critically endangered

Blue Whale

• Oceans worldwide

• Endangered


• Savannahs and grasslands of Africa

• Vulnerable

Emperor Penguin

• Antarctica

• Near threatened

Giant Panda

• Forests of central China

• Endangered


Rainforests and mountainous regions of central Africa

• Endangered


• Forests of Australia

• Vulnerable

Polar Bear

• Arctic regions

• Vulnerable

Sea Turtle

• Oceans and beaches worldwide

• Endangered

Snow Leopard

• Mountains of central Asia

• Endangered


• Forests of Asia

• Endangered

🐘 Introduction: Endangered Animals: Introduction and Characteristics 

🐘 Interesting Story: Engaging stories about animals, complemented by e-books for extended learning

🐘 What's Happening: Insight into animal conservation status, stages of endangerment, and natural habitats  

🐘 How We Can Help: Methods to aid animal protection efforts and information on supportive organizations

🐘 Comprehension: Review of previous lessons  

🐘 My Animal Calendar: Color and collect images of 12 different species to complete an annual calendar

🐘 Instruction: Assemble an animal figure from a provided diagram

🐘 My Animals's Album: Take photos with AR technology and print them on sticker paper

🐘 AR: Experience and interact with animals' movements and sounds, and take photos alongside them

🐘 Cover (Front)

🐘 Cover (Back)

The Endangered Animals textbook series includes a variety of hands-on activities.

Color the animal and write dates on the calendar in the activity.

Create a calendar and cut it out to use.

Follow the assembly instructions in the book to build the puzzle.

Take creative photos with AR, and print, cut out, and attach photos to the album, write the story at the bottom, and present stories about the animal to peers.

Experience the animal's movement and sound with AR by scanning the QR code.


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