World History Junior

UNESCO World Heritage Sites Version (12 sets)

A treasure trove of art and culture, UNESCO World Heritage Sites are treasured historical treasures around the world. In this puzzle program, we've selected 12 of the most important sites to preserve. Each puzzle captures the beauty of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Use this program to experience cultural heritage sites around the world and learn the stories behind them!

UNESCO World Heritage Sites Version

The Great Pyramid of Khufu

• [Africa] Egypt
• History and Mathematics


• [Europe] England
• History and Chemistry

The Great Wall of China

• [Asia] China
• History and Mathematics


• [Europe] Italy
• History and Science (Physics)

Angkor Wat

• [Asia] Cambodia
History and Social Studies (Geography)

Notre-Dame Cathedral 

• [Europe] France
• History and Arts

Taj Mahal

• [Asia] India
• History and Mathematics

Forbidden City

• [Asia] China
• History and Arts

Machu Picchu

• [South America] Peru
• History and Science (Biology)

Palace of Versailles

• [Europe] France
• History and Arts

Eiffel Tower

• [Europe] France
• History and Science (Chemistry)

Brandenburg Gate & Berlin Wall

• [Europe] Germany
• History and Arts