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Ancient_02. Stonehenge


Background Knowledge of the Stonehenge

 Located in the south of England, the Stone Circle was registered as a World Heritage Site in 1986.
Stonehenge consists of a circle of upright boulders surrounded by a 115-meter-diameter earthworks.

  ● Location: Salisbury Plain in England

  ● When constructed: Around 2800 BC~1560 BC. The circle was formed by a narrow channel and then shaped with stones.

  ● Size: Stones are surrounded by a 114 m-diameter circular ditch that is 6 meter wide and 1.4 meter deep.

  ● Materials: Big, heavy stones weighing 30-50 tons; the Sarsen Circle is made of sandstones and the Bluestone Circle is made of volcanic rocks.

1. Interesting Story about Artifacts and Historic Sites

Stonehenge, the Hanging Stones

Stonehenge is a special place in England. It has really big and heavy stone pillars that are like tall walls. Some of these walls have a flat stone on top that looks like the top of a door.

People have different ideas about why Stonehenge was built and who built it. Some think it was made to keep animals inside, like a fence. Others believe it was used to study the stars and planets. And some people think it was a special place to pray to the gods and celebrate the sun.

One stone at Stonehenge is called the Heel Stone. It shows where the sun rises on the longest day of the year. This day is called the summer solstice and has the most daylight.

It took a very long time to build Stonehenge, from a really long time ago until a long time ago. First, people dug a big circle in the ground. Then, they put big stones in a circle and added flat stones on top. Inside the circle, they put more stones made of a special kind of rock.

Finally, they built walls that looked like doorways. But now, only a few of these walls and some stones are left.

It’s strange because there are no big rocks nearby. People had to carry the stones from far away, up to 100 kilometers! We still don’t know how they moved such heavy rocks without machines. It’s a big mystery!