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Ancient_05. The Great Wall of China


3. Interesting Story about a Historic Figure

Qin Shi Huang, the First Emperor of China

In China, there is a very famous tomb that's really tall and long—76 meters tall and 500 meters long! Inside that tomb lies China's first emperor, Qin Shi Huang. When he became emperor, he was just 13 years old because his father, the king, had died after ruling for only three years. Qin Shi Huang got help from his mother and his father's friend until he grew older and could rule by himself.

People noticed that the king was doing a lot of work. He brought together talented people from all over to help him, and he was really good at managing his enemies. He won battles and conquered different states until finally, in 221 BC, he united all of China. That's when people started calling him "huangdi," which means Emperor.

But the emperor didn't stop there. He wanted to make life better for his people, so he made sure that things like writing, money, and measurements were the same everywhere in China. He also built roads and canals to help people travel easily. As time went on, China became one big country.

However, some people didn't like everything the emperor was doing. They thought he was spending too much money and doing too many projects, like building his tomb and palace. They also didn't like his strict laws. Qin Shi Huang killed scholars and even spent a lot of money searching for a way to stay young forever. But despite all that, he died at the age of 50. He was buried in the underground palace he had built, and after his death, the people rebelled against the Qin dynasty. The dynasty lasted for only 15 years before it ended.