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Ancient_06. Colosseum


3. Interesting Story about a Historic Figure

Spartacus, Leader of the Slave Rebellion

Rome was very powerful because it controlled the Mediterranean Sea and had a strong army. The important people in Rome were rich and happy, but they had many prisoners from winning wars. These prisoners became slaves, which means they were owned by Roman citizens. One popular thing at that time was watching gladiator fights. Some of these gladiators were slaves who had to fight each other.

Among these gladiators was a slave named Spartacus. He was really good at using a sword and he didn't like being a slave. So one day, he escaped with 78 other gladiators and decided to fight against Rome.

Spartacus convinced many other slaves working on farms and in mines to join him. Rome was surprised and tried to stop them many times, but Spartacus was a smart military man and knew how to fight against the Roman soldiers. Spartacus and his followers rebelled for two years.

Eventually, two Roman generals named Pompey and Crassus organized a big army and attacked Spartacus and his followers. At first, the slaves fought well, but in the end, they were defeated. 

Spartacus was caught and sadly killed. After that, the gladiator games and the slave system continued, but slaves were treated a bit better.