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Ancient_06. Colosseum


4. Integrating World History and Science (Physics)

Arch, the Magic Weight Distributor

In the Colosseum, 50,000 people could watch games, but it wasn't easy to build a place for so many people. The platform where they sat needed to be strong and not collapse. To make it strong, the designers used something called an arch.

An arch is a special structure that looks like a half-circle made of stones or bricks. It is very strong because it can distribute the weight sideways, which means it can hold up heavy things. The Romans used arches to build the walls and tunnels in the Colosseum.

The people in Rome used arches in many other structures too, like bridges and tunnels for water. Even though they were built a very long time ago, many of these arches are still standing today. They show us how smart the Romans were to invent this amazing technology.

Quizess of the Colosseum

1. How high is the Great Wall of China?

2. What is the Great Wall of China made of?

3. Where was Qin Shi Huang buried?

4. What did the Emperor do to character, money, and measurements in every state?

5. What did the Emperor do to books he didn’t like?

6. What is the measurement from your thumb tip to your middle finger tip called?