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Medieval_09. Angkor Wat


3. Interesting Story about a Historic Figure

Jayavarman VII

Jayavarman VII was a king in Cambodia a long time ago. He was a Buddhist and wanted to help people. He built hospitals all over the kingdom, 102 of them! He also made resting places for tired travelers along the roads, 121 in total. His kindness and generosity made Cambodia a Buddhist nation.

But Jayavarman VII was not just kind, he was also a great warrior. When he was a prince, the kingdom was attacked by an army from Vietnam called Champa. They killed the old king and destroyed the capital city. But Jayavarman VII fought back and became the new king. He led his soldiers to attack Champa and took control of part of their land. The Angkor Empire became huge and powerful. It was so strong that even the Yuan dynasty couldn't invade it. They had to make peace instead.

During his 30 years as king, Jayavarman VII rebuilt the capital city that was destroyed. He built a long wall around it, 3 kilometers long and 8 meters high in one part. He also dug a wide moat for protection. The city was called "Angkor Thom," meaning a great city. Inside Angkor Thom, there is a special temple called the Bayon Temple. It has 54 towers with big faces carved on them. Some people think the faces are of a famous Buddhist figure, while others believe they represent Jayavarman VII himself.

Jayavarman VII was a kind king who helped his people and defended his kingdom. His hospitals and resting places made life better for the people of Cambodia, and his bravery and leadership made the Angkor Empire strong.