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Medieval_10. Notre-Dame Cathedral


3. Interesting Story about a Historic Figure

Jeanne d’Arc, the Heroine of France

Once upon a time, there was a big argument about who should be the king of France. One person, King Edward III of England, said, "I should be the king of France because my grandfather used to be the king!" This disagreement led to a long war known as the Hundred Years' War. At first, England won many battles and took over the city where French kings were crowned Reims.

One day a 17-year-old girl named Jeanne d’Arc came to the French Royal Court. She grew up in a small village and heard the voice of an angel, Saint Michael. The angel told her, "Save France!" So, Jeanne went to find the uncrowned prince, Charles, who was pretending to be just a regular person. She recognized him and gained his trust. Together, they went to a city called Orleans, which was being attacked by England. Jeanne and the prince gave hope and courage to the people there.

Guess what? The French army got stronger and started to push back the English army. Jeanne d'Arc asked Prince Charles to become the king, and he was crowned as King Charles VII. But sadly, some jealous people, including the king, turned against Jeanne. They didn't like how much the people loved her. Some friends of the English captured Jeanne, and they accused her of being a witch. She was put on trial and, very sadly, burned alive on a stake.

The war finally ended in 1453 when France won. Many years later, in 1920, the Catholic Church declared Jeanne d'Arc a saint because of her bravery and loyalty to her country.