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Medieval_10. Notre-Dame Cathedral


4. Integrating World History and Arts

Medieval Gothic Architecture

In medieval times, people built many big and beautiful cathedrals across Europe. They used a special kind of architecture called Gothic.

Gothic buildings are very tall and have spires that point to the sky. They represent people's hope to reach heaven. Inside these cathedrals, you'll find colorful stained glass windows that tell stories.

Builders had to be very smart to make these buildings strong. They used arches that crossed each other on the ceiling to hold the weight of the roof and towers. This made the walls thinner, so they could add more stained glass.

Gothic cathedrals are a great example of how skilled people were in the past. They built these amazing structures to show their faith and create beautiful places to worship.

Quizess of Notre-Dame Cathedral

1. What does the French word “Notre-Dame” mean?

2. What kind of architecture is the Notre-Dame Cathedral?

3. What event led to wars between European nations?

4. Why did Jeanne d’Arc search for Prince Charles II?

5. How did Jeanne d’Arc die?

6. Why do cathedrals have spires?