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Medieval_11. Kaaba

[Asia_Soudi Arabia]

Background Knowledge of Kaaba

The Kaaba is a building located in the center of Masjid al-Haram in Mecca, the holy land of Western Saudi Arabia, and is considered the holiest place in Islam. At the southeast corner of the Kaaba is a black stone, a sacred Islamic treasure.

  ● Location: Mecca in Saudi Arabia

  ● When it was made: 1663

  ● Size: The northeastern wall and the opposite side of the wall are both 12 m high, while the other two sides of the walls measure 11 m. The building is rectangular prism-shaped and can accommodate 50 people.

  ● Features: Kaaba Shrine has been rebuilt many times and its size enlarged. 

1. Interesting Story about Artifacts and Historic Sites

Kaaba, the Center of Islam

Muslims are people who believe in Islam. They have a special place they value a lot called the Kaaba in Mecca. It's like their center. Muslims pray five times a day facing the Kaaba, and they also go on a special journey called the hajj to visit it at least once in their lives.

The Kaaba is in a big mosque in Mecca. It's like a big rectangular block in the middle of a big yard. It's called the Kaaba because it looks like a cube. The Kaaba is covered with a black cloth, so people can't see it. On one corner of the Kaaba, there is a special black stone. When people visit, they go around the Kaaba, kiss the black stone, and pray to their God, Allah.

Long ago, before Islam, there were many statues in the Kaaba. But then a man named Muhammad, who started the religion of Islam, came to Mecca and destroyed all the statues. He wanted the Kaaba to be a special place for only Allah, the God of Islam. Muslims don't worship the Kaaba or the black stone. They just think it's a very important and holy place.