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Medieval_13. Taj Mahal


Background Knowledge of Taj Mahal

A marble mausoleum built by the fifth Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in Agra, northern India, for his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal, who died in 1631. It is a representative building of Indian and Islamic culture. 

  ● Location: Agra, India  

  ● When constructed: 1631–1653 

  ● Size: On the 300 m-wide and 560 m-long site, a 95 m-wide, 95 m-long and 7 m-high marble base was built first, and then the 58 m-wide and 58 m-long mausoleum was built on top of the base. Each of the spires built on the east, west, south and north is 50 m high.

  ● Materials: Marble 

  ● Features: - A mausoleum built by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan (reign 1628–1658) for his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal, which took 22 years to be completed.

                       - The patterns and the pointed archways on the windows and door frames characterize the Islamic culture.

                       - It was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983.

1. Interesting Story about Artifacts and Historic Sites

Taj Mahal, the Great Building to Remember Forever Love

Long ago, there was a powerful emperor named Shah Jahan. He wanted to make his empire even bigger, so he went to the south and fought battles for many years with his army. But one day, he received very sad news. His beloved wife had passed away while giving birth to their 14th child and her death made him extremely sad.

Shah Jahan decided to stop fighting and return to his capital city, Agra. When he reached there, he said to his people, "We will celebrate the queen for two years!" The Emperor wanted to build something special to honor his wife's memory. He hired 20,000 workers and artists from different countries like Turkey, Persia, and Italy. He even built a new city for them to live and work in.

After 22 years of hard work, the building was finally finished! It's called the Taj Mahal. What makes it so special is that it looks beautiful from every side. It is made of white marble and has a very tall dome on top. The dome is decorated with precious jewels from all around the world. On the walls, there are words from an important book in the Islamic religion and pictures of the lotus flower.

When the Emperor passed away, he was buried next to his wife inside the Taj Mahal. Even today, many people visit this amazing building that was made to celebrate a man's great love for his wife.