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Medieval_13. Taj Mahal


4. Integrating World History and Mathematics

The Golden Ratio, the Secret of Beauty

The Taj Mahal is a really beautiful building. Did you know that there is something special about its shape that makes it look so good? It's called the golden ratio!

The golden ratio is a special number that makes things look balanced and beautiful to our eyes. It was discovered by people who followed a famous mathematician named Pythagoras. They found out that if you draw lines in a certain way, you get a special ratio of about 1:1.618.

This golden ratio has been used in many famous buildings and paintings, like the Taj Mahal and the Parthenon in Greece. People have been using this special ratio for a very long time to make things look beautiful and pleasing to look at.

So, the next time you see something that looks really nice, remember that it might be because of the golden ratio!

Quizess of Taj Mahal

1. Who was the Taj Mahal built for? 

2. What two methods did Akbar use to conquer Northern India?

3. What were the Mughal Empire army's special skills?

4. What was the only religion that Aurangzeb allowed?

5. What country took control of India in 1858?

6. What is the special design of the Taj Mahal?