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Medieval_14. Forbidden City


4. Integrating World History and Arts

Dancheong of Korea, China, and Japan

In some countries, people painted beautiful pictures on wooden buildings. In Korea, they call this kind of painting "dancheong." These paintings protected the buildings from bad weather and bugs. Let's learn a bit about dancheong in different countries:

● In Korea, palaces have dancheong with red or blue colors. The pictures show important things about the royal family. In temples, the paintings have patterns of things related to Buddhism, like the lotus flower.

● In China, you can see dancheong in imperial palaces like the Forbidden City or the Summer Palace. They use golden or yellow colors that represent the royal family and often have pictures of dragons, which are important in Chinese culture.

● In Japan, they don't use dancheong as much. Instead, they paint murals inside the buildings. Sometimes the whole building is covered in gold color, which looks very fancy.

Quizess of Forbidden City

1. Who built the Forbidden City?

2. What two structures protect the Forbidden City?

3. Where did the Emperor work in the Forbidden Palace?

4. Who was the Kangxi Emperor afraid of when he was young?

5. Who defeated the Yuan Dynasty and became emperor of the new Ming Dynasty?

6. What does a painting called "dancheong" protect a building from?