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4. Integrating World History and Social Studies

Traditional Housing of the World

Houses are designed according to the climate of different places. In Korea, we have traditional houses called hanok, which are built to fit the country’s four seasons and changes in sunlight between winter and summer. Hanoks have wooden floors to keep them cool in the summer, and the roof is built in a way that blocks too much sunlight.

Just like hanok, traditional houses in different parts of the world are made to match the natural environment. In Japan, where it’s hot and humid, people mostly build wooden houses that allow air to flow easily. In Indonesia, where it’s hot and rainy all year, people build floating houses so they can fish easily in the rivers or ocean and avoid the hot weather. In Saudi Arabia, which is mostly desert, it rarely rains, and gets very hot. During the day, it’s extremely hot, but at night it can get cold. That’s why they build traditional houses with mud bricks, which help keep them cool during the day and protect them from the cold at night.

Quizess of the Ger

1. What kind of house do Mongolians live in for their frequent travels?1

2. Why do Mongolians have to constantly move around?

3. What was Genghis Khan’s original name?

4. What was the name of the empire founded by Genghis Khan?

5. What did the Mongolian army soldiers shoot on horseback?

6. What kind of houses do the Japanese build?