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Modern_18. Palace of Versailles


4. Integrating World History and Arts

Baroque and Rococo Styles

Long ago, in a time called the 17th and 18th century, there were two popular art styles in Europe. They were called Baroque and Rococo. These styles were made by artists for kings and rich people to show off their wealth and power.

The Baroque art style was all about showing emotions and lots of details. The artists made beautiful buildings, paintings, and sculptures with fancy decorations. Some famous artists of that time were Peter Paul Rubens and Anthony van Dyck.

After the Baroque style, the Rococo style came along. It was a bit different but still pretty. The artworks in the Rococo style looked lighter and had more colors. They were delicate and charming.

Both Baroque and Rococo styles were loved by the kings and rich people who wanted to be fancy and show how important they were. They hired artists to make beautiful things for them, and these styles became famous all over Europe.

Quizess of Palace of Versailles

1. What was the Palace of Versailles originally used for?

2. What is the most famous room in the Palace of Versailles?

3. What did Henry VIII and the Pope disagree about?

4. What was the new group of people that become powerful in Europe?

5. What religion was Louis VIII’s mother?

6. What does Baroque art express?