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3. Interesting Story about a Historic Figure

Little Giant, Napoleon

Napoleon was a special person who was born on a French island called Corsica. When he was young, he went to France to study. But because he had a different accent, other kids didn't want to play with him. So, Napoleon spent a lot of time by himself reading books about history.

Napoleon really wanted to be a strong soldier, so he went to a special school to learn how to fight. He became very good at it, and he decided to help the regular people during the French Revolution. He won many battles, and people started to know his name.

Since Napoleon was so popular, he became a leader in France called a consul. Later on, he won wars against other countries like Austria and Italy, and he even made peace with Britain. Napoleon was so confident in himself that he made himself the Emperor of France. Some people thought he was a hero, but others were disappointed because he acted like a king.

Napoleon wanted to change France and make it better. He made a new set of rules called a Constitution, which was based on smart ideas from a time called the Enlightenment. He won many big battles against countries like Britain, Austria, Prussia, and Russia, and he made the French territory bigger. But then he lost an important battle against the British Navy and started losing power. Eventually, he was forced to live on an island called St. Helena, where he died. Even though he lost in the end, people still think Napoleon was a brave general who made a big impact on Europe.