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Late Modern_21. Eiffel Tower


4. Integrating World History and Science (Chemistry)

An Amazing Metal: Iron

When they were getting ready to build the Eiffel Tower, the people knew that a special metal called iron was going to change the world.

Iron is a very strong metal, and it can mix easily with other metals. It can also be shaped into many different forms. That's why 95% of the metals we use today have iron in them.

A long, long time ago, in 3500 BC, people in Egypt started making things out of iron. And around 1500 BC, a group called the Hittites in West Asia also started producing iron. But back then, it was really hard to make things out of iron because it needed very high heat to melt.

Then, in 1855, an Englishman named Bessemer invented a special technology that could make lots of iron quickly. After that, iron became widely used all over the world. In Latin, iron is called "Ferrum," and its symbol is 'Fe.' Iron is an incredible metal that has helped shape our modern world.

Quizess of Eiffel Tower

1. Why was the Eiffel Tower built?

2. How long was the Eiffel Tower supposed to last?

3. What are the colors of the French flag?

4. When did the French Revolution happen?

5. Why did children not want to play with Napoleon?

6. What material was important in building the Eiffel Tower?