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Late Modern_23. Brandenburg Gate & Berlin Wall


2. World History at a Glance

History of Germany: Divide and Come Together Again

A long time ago, the place we now call Germany was part of a big empire called the Holy Roman Empire. There were different rulers in different lands, like dukes, counts, and bishops. But then a strong state called Prussia came along. Prussia wanted to be powerful and took over some other land called Silesia.

Other countries got upset with Prussia and tried to fight them, but Prussia was very good at defending itself. Everyone realized that Prussia was a big power.

Later, there was a group of states called the German Confederation. Austria and Prussia were the leaders of this group. But then something happened. Austria lost a big battle to a famous person named Napoleon, and the Holy Roman Empire ended. Prussia saw this as a chance to make a new empire and unite the German Confederation.

With the help of a strong leader named William I and his Prime Minister Bismarck, Prussia became even stronger. They created a powerful German Empire in 1871.

But things didn't stay good forever. After Bismarck resigned, the German Empire got into a big war called World War I and lost. The people revolted and a group called the Nazis took control. Their leader, Adolf Hitler, started another big war called World War II, but Germany lost again.

Because of the war, Germany got divided into two parts: East Germany and West Germany. It was a difficult time, like a "cold war" between two big countries, the United States and the Soviet Union. Finally, in 1990, Germany came back together and became one country again.