UNESCO World Heritage Sites Product Guide

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Designed to make learning history an engaging experience, our series combines 3D puzzles, informative books, and educational videos. Dive into the wonders of the past by exploring significant locations and artifacts that have shaped the world we live in today.

After You Buy the Product:

  ● Upon receiving the product, ensure all pieces are present and intact. If any issues arise, contact customer service for assistance.
  ● While the product is certified for safety, children should not place any pieces in their mouths for safety reasons.
  ● You can keep the assembled puzzle intact for an extended period, but avoid exposure to excessive sunlight or moisture.
  ● Assembly does not require additional tools like knives or glue. Simply follow the provided instructions.

How to Use Each Part:
  1. 3D Puzzle
Do not remove all the pieces at once; assemble them sequentially.

  2. Textbook
Use a QR code scanner on your phone to scan the code in the book. This will provide access to pictures, texts, and videos. For translation, you can use Google Translate on your phone.

  3. Use Padlet (Ongoing material uploads)
   Scan the QR code on the back of the book using a QR code scanner to access a Padlet page. You can upload your own photos, videos, and articles for review by the person in charge, who will then add them to the page. We encourage frequent use.


1. 3D Puzzle

● Construction of high-quality world relics and buildings

● Understanding 3D architectural modeling skills

● Development of spatial perception and problem-solving abilities

● Hands-on activities to improve concentration

2. Textbook

● Content from top history professionals

● Learning about the historical origins of major historical sites and relics, and understanding key people and events

● Acquisition of integrated educational information related to world history (mathematics, science, social studies, arts, etc.)

● Access multilingual translation via QR code scanning (Google Translate)

3. Video

● Learning videos aligned to textbook topics

● Videos consisting of relatively easy to difficult sentences

● Videos that match the content of the paragraph to make learning more engaging and improve comprehension of the paragraph

4. Learning Materials


Puzzle assembly video

Puzzle assembly diagram

Coloring sheets